Bad Medicine: A Medical Thriller by Geoffrey M. Cooper

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐


What can go wrong when a scientist’s career hinges on the results of a clinical trial? When Professor Brad Parker is asked to serve as interim director of the Maine Translational Research Institute, he thinks he’ll have nothing more on his hands than a messy dispute between two faculty members. But what awaits him is much worse. Rather than an ordinary academic conflict, Brad finds himself dealing with sabotage, blackmail, and the mysterious deaths of patients in a clinical trial. As Brad and his partner—FBI agent Karen Richmond—race to unravel a murderous conspiracy, they find themselves at the top of a hired killer’s list of targets.

My Review

I was wonderfully surprised when I read Bad Medicine. The book was very well researched. Not only about the world of academia, but medical research as well. You can tell the the author has some experience in this field because he gets in depth with his language and his explanations of medical terms, medicines, and procedures. But – and this is the important part – he didn’t get too technical. I, as a “normal” person who knows barely anything about medical stuff was able to keep up. So important in a book like this. And hard to write for these authors.

The storyline was pretty amazing. It kept my interest, which as we all know is the important part. Now I knew early on who was most likely behind the sabotage and other problems going on but the writing and plot still kept me absorbed. And then to top it off I was wrong about who the bad guy was. See. . . this is why you should always keep reading until the end of the book! Authors will often surprise you.

There were some things that I felt were handled kind of weird. The whole thing with Brad spending the night at Carolyn Gelman’s house was inappropriate. And the way she came into his bed? I have no words. I know the author tried to explain these actions to the readers. And make sense of them for the context of the story. Honestly though, I had a difficult time continuing the book after that time.

I did though. And as long as I forget that one case of questionable writing I really enjoyed the rest of the book. With under 250 pages its a pretty quick read and right now you can grab it for free if you have Kindle Unlimited with Amazon.

What’s your favorite kind of sub-genre under thriller?

I want to thank the author, Geoffrey M. Cooper for the gifted copy of the ebook. However, all the thoughts and ideas expressed are entirely my own.

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